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Top Three Methods for Soft Management of Enterprises

Under the situation of labor shortage around the world, an increasing number of companies are beginning to adjust their internal management model and even give up management regulations that have been implemented for many years, with starting to think preparing the implementation of human
. Actually, human management is not indulgence without any principles, just is a kind of soft management. The three methods are as follows:

Unify the value to promote staff cohesion with corporate culture

In an organization or team, different occupational values are mingled continuously. The vigor and vitality of an entire enterprise is decided by whether the organization or team has unified professional values. Unified occupational value refers to the basic value judgment agreed among team or organization members, and is the common objective and value. It directly determines the thinking style and behavior of group members. When it is fully recognized, approved by team members, a strong cohesive force and centripetal force will be generated, which can enhance high sprit and morale among team members.

Unify career goal to integrate personal pursuit into group development

Only personal pursuit complies with group goal, can a company create a strong competitive edge and get victory in business. If a company wants to have the same development goal between employees and group, the company should integrate individual employee career development into future development of the enterprise, with enterprise development depending on staff’ growth and increased capacity, and with enterprises providing broad development space for employees in turn. The company should be responsible for designing different career development channels for its employees, such as
management paths
, professional paths and complex paths, and the company should plan different career development according their career interest, personality and working ability. In addition, the company should take the responsibility of help its employees grow rapidly through comprehensive training and counseling plan in order to achieve win-win between employees and the group.

Motivate the employees to achieve self-value

Motivation, is the most important tool in
team management
, hence the company should work out a suitable motivation policy in company management, which can refer to career development, salary and well fare as well as promotion. These can motivate employees work harder with a high sprit and morale.

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