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Lorry Down in the details can win people to a variety of fashion elements

Northeast popular skiing, professional ski
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and jacket different ski suit itself is improved. Such as the Pathfinder on the launch of the Jakarta market for ski ski jacket, wind and waterproof high-density padded, because of its functionality, the price is very high. The number of households in the Northeast popular. Case of promotions, many consumers will be prepared on one. This may be outside the Northeast market, specifically for the brand launched a ski jacket, the warmth of
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apparel company is once again the market for the Northeast region can open up the exclusive design.

Time when the June heat wave, has become the biggest pedestrian street show, but at the same time, in the true T-stage, is also engaged in a yet another collision on the spark of winter
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Down three current selection of
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, all in varying degrees, reveals its own characteristics, down jacket for the winter and a wonderful market to fill. Lorry Down in the details can win people to a variety of fashion elements classified according to the temperament of the consumer, in the complex in order to establish the United States, will create a fashion ladies winter as another stage;

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